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Twintex blinds

Duo roll

Technically it is a roller blind but due to the alternation of translucent bands and sails, it offers the functionality of a Venetian blind. This is why it is sometimes nicknamed the “venetian-roll” or the “duo roll”.


The Brussels day night store has many advantages. Thanks to it, you can let the light pass during the day and keep your privacy at night. It is also specially designed for houses with opposite. It allows you to take advantage of the daylight while leaving you out of prying eyes. It is therefore the ideal compromise and the reason for its popularity in recent years.

Duo facettes
Duo facettes


The day night blind has recently been blackout. Our range of fabrics has indeed expanded in terms of blackout. However, blackout weaving does not guarantee total blackout. Consequently, the installation of the blind in the window or on this one will make it possible to modulate this occultation.


This blind is naturally more expensive than a standard roller blind due to its complexity. Its canvas is lined and we attach a lot of importance to the finish of the cassette. A product that is certainly expensive but offers you many advantages such as light modulation.

Discover our BlindsUP selection now:

  • Opaque or semi-opaque

  • Range of blinds in ecological fabric

  • Unlimited color choices

  • Custom-made blinds, large and small surfaces

  • 2 years warranty

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