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The bioclimatic pergola with adjustable slats is your friend for life! And for good reason: it allows you to invest your garden whatever the season.

In spring and summer: the slats open and close to protect you from the sun and regulate the temperature; in other words, it reduces the heat when you are underneath while letting in a nice little stream of cool air.

In autumn and winter, the opening of the slats allows you to let in the sun's rays, and thus warm your interior. But since these seasons are often capricious, closing the slats also allows you to shelter from the rain and wind.

These bioclimatic pergolas are designed to withstand strong winds in the closed position.

The motorized aluminum swivel slats can be easily adjusted with your fingertips using a remote control.

They allow you to instantly adjust the amount of sunshine, create refreshing natural ventilation in the event of strong heat or even shelter you from bad weather thanks to their complete hermetic closure.

However, if you want a completely open space on the roof, you can then opt for folding canvases or motorized roll-up top screens.

In addition, screens, also motorized, will protect you, on the sides, from the sun, wind, rain and insects, thus offering you protection and optimal use of your outdoor living space. You can enjoy your terrace for longer in the evening or in the seasons.


Imagine: the heat is scorching outside. You are confined inside, where you feel suffocated. You need air.

Imagine again: outside, the weather is good, but heavy rain has been falling for hours. You would like to enjoy your garden but if you walk through the door of your sliding bay window, you will certainly get wet.

What to do ? Do you know the bioclimatic aluminum pergola? This modern style solar shading makes your exterior accessible both in summer and in winter.


Originally, the pergola was simply a support for climbing plants. It was they who played the role of the air conditioner. The very structure of the pergola (with its vertical bars) allowed the ivy to grow to take up all the space. Result: a nice corner of shade during the summer 100% natural! And during the winter the absence of vegetation allowed the rays of the sun to pass through your house.

Today, the principle has remained the same except that the ivy has been replaced by adjustable slats. They are now responsible for refreshing the whole, a structure that we are going to present to you in detail, so what is a pergola with adjustable slats?


Our pergola entirely designed in aluminum, a metal that has proven itself and has shown its ability to withstand the test of time. The structure consists of:

  • of 210mm or 300mm powder coated extruded aluminum orientable slats

  • In the 210mm slats version: 126x126mm extruded aluminum feet in 3mm thickness, 190x50mm side rails in 3mm thickness, allowing a reach of up to 6 meters

  • In the 300mm slat version: 150x150mm extruded aluminum feet in 4mm thickness, 285x60mm side rails in 4mm thickness, allowing a reach of up to 7 meters

  • a seal preventing the slats from slamming when they close

  • an extruded aluminum gutter profile integrated into the structure (for better drainage of rainwater)

  • a SOMFY radio motorization (step-by-step opening) with remote control. The rack-and-pinion drive allows perfect synchronization of the opening of the slats.


For you who are concerned about ecological considerations while wanting aesthetics: the bioclimatic pergola with adjustable slats has these two components. It allows you to achieve an optimal energy balance while giving your exterior a trendy appearance.

A modern pergola must solve contemporary problems and the hunt for wasted energy is one of them. There is no need for heating or air conditioning in this additional living space: the adjustable slats act as such.

On the ventilation side, it's the same thing! If your bioclimatic pergola is leaned against the wall of your living room, you even benefit from very useful drafts in scorching weather: all you have to do is open your bay window ... Your solar shading takes care of the rest by trapping the fresh air to direct it to your living room!


If you have an open terrace attached to your house, the bioclimatic pergola can be placed against the wall and become an extension of your interior. With its 7 meters wide and its 5 meters of projection, it is up to 35 m ² exploitable which comes to be added to your building and not the least because they constitute a practical outside room for you to relax, read or receive friends !

Speaking of meals with friends ... It's time to discuss the options available for your bioclimatic pergola!


To enjoy your solar shading pergola even longer, know that there is the LED ramp option; this is installed in the structure of the pergola and allows it to be lit at nightfall. So you can enjoy your garden day and night ... Evenings with friends, dinners in the moonlight comfortably lit by the LEDs of your pergola.

Finally, if you need more privacy or fear the wind or driving rain: the vertical zip awning with perforated or opaque fabric is optional on your solar shading pergola. Thus, it is waterproof not only from the top but also from the sides. With the ZIP box that fits behind the scenes of your solar shading, we make it easy for you: a simple zipper and you're done!

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