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Choosing the right garage door means choosing the right balance between functionality and design.

Safe and designed to last, our garage doors provide all the comfort you expect: insulation, soundproofing, optimum light... nothing is left to chance.

Did you know that, seen from the outside, 1/5 of the surface area of your home is devoted to your garage door?

A true signature of your home, its design is carefully thought out to blend in perfectly with the other windows and doors that make it up.

Our garage doors are designed to meet your needs on a daily basis, and can be customised and perfectly adapted.


Four types of opening

  • Sectional roof
    (Maximum space in the garage, walls and floors remain free as well as the outside space in front of the garage).

  • Sectional side
    (Free ceiling in the garage. Side opening with no overhang to the outside).


  • Tilting
    (Vertical opening under the ceiling in the garage. The sides remain free. Semi overhanging to the outside.)


  • Roller blades
    (The appeal? Its simplicity. The slats roll up into a closed aluminium box for extra protection, freeing up ceiling space and interior side space, all without any external overhang. The ideal door for a garage on the edge of a lane or of small dimensions!)


Everyday life made easier with a smart door

Say goodbye to effort!

Motorisation provides much appreciated convenience and security in everyday life. Whatever the weather, you can get in and out of your garage without getting out of your car!
An operator also contributes to safety and optimises the lifespan of your door: jolt-free operation and slowing down at the end of travel.
Operators available

  • Standard radio with feedback

  • Connected radio with feedback and remote control

Connected door

Open your door remotely, from the end of the street or from your office to let someone in from the garage - it's all possible from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Wherever you are, you'll have confirmation that your door has closed properly.



A solution for everyone! Luminous connection!

With our range of garage doors, you're choosing performance, solidity and reliability. When it comes to aesthetics, it's up to you!

Add the finishing touch to your garage door to make it a unique object that reflects you, defines your style and blends perfectly with your home.

Choose from almost 400 colours, different panel designs (grooves, cassettes, etc.) and numerous models of decorations and portholes.


For a very practical second entrance: the Wicket Door solution (Your passage is made as easy as possible thanks to a low threshold height of 2.5 cm and a width of 80 cm).

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