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new Solar


newSolar® embodies the essence of the harmonious marriage between aesthetics and functionality, offering an innovative design that redefines the standards of solar protection systems. Made from aluminium, its structural design offers unrivalled flexibility, allowing unprecedented control of light and ventilation. Every detail, from the extruded profiles to the modulation of the slats, is designed to personalise the user experience and ensure optimum comfort.


The versatility of newSolar® can be seen in its ability to adapt to any architectural environment, interior or exterior, while offering simple installation and remarkable resistance. Its adjustable slat system not only filters light and reduces glare, but also optimises protection against heat and external noise. This solar protection solution, the result of Italian know-how and a European patent, combines exceptional quality, elegance and durability.


newSolar® is much more than just a solar protection system; it's a real partner for creating comfortable, functional spaces, while adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to every architectural project.


newSolar® Standard, a pioneering solar protection system, offers unrivalled flexibility to regulate light, air and privacy to suit your preferences. The result of meticulous design, it combines elegance, functionality and durability, surpassing other systems in its versatility.


Every detail of the newSolar® Standard is designed to provide an optimal user experience, with a multitude of customisation options to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to adjust the brightness or completely darken a space, this system gives you total control over your environment.


Thanks to its meticulous design, newSolar® Standard enhances both exterior architecture and interior design, adding a touch of elegance to every project. With slats 6.6 cm high and a total width of 2.50 m per panel, it blends harmoniously into a variety of configurations.


The configuration of newSolar® Standard is also simplified by its advanced features such as the SILENT system for silent opening and closing, and integrated locks for optimum security. Its easy installation and adaptability to various types of enclosure make it an ideal choice for any architectural project, offering unrivalled performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation.


newSolar® Mini offers an ingenious solution for small spaces, meeting the need for room darkening while minimising the use of space. Thanks to its innovative technical concept, it harmoniously combines design, functionality and space requirements, and is suitable for both renovations and new builds.


Made from high-quality extruded aluminium, newSolar® Mini allows precise control of light and shade while ensuring adequate ventilation and privacy. Its reduced dimensions and optimised accessories guarantee maximum efficiency without compromising solar protection, durability or thermal and acoustic insulation performance.


Its minimalist design blends in perfectly with any architecture, with slats just 4.2 cm high and a total width of up to 1.70 m per panel. With extensive customisation options, it adapts to every project, offering total control over the interior environment.


newSolar® Elephant embodies the fusion of aesthetics and functionality in solar protection systems. Following the principles of the Modern Movement, this creation offers an innovative approach to meeting contemporary needs.

By emphasising geometry, proportional and modular theories, as well as the constraints associated with the weight of materials, newSolar® Elephant pushes back the conventional limits of aluminium solar protection systems. With a width of up to 6.00 metres, it offers an elegant and resistant solution, without the need for additional supports.

newSolar® Elephant retains all the functionality of its ingenious design, with extruded aluminium slats 6.6 cm high, offering optimum customisation to control light, heat and ventilation. Thanks to its many configuration and customisation options, it can be adapted to suit every need and every architectural style.


Compatible with all large openings, newSolar® Elephant offers easy and discreet installation, with side guides included and a silent operating mechanism. By enhancing large windows, it embodies a modern vision of architecture, combining elegance, functionality and durability in a single element.


newSolar® BiColor is revolutionising the world of solar protection with its innovative double-sided concept, offering different colours for inside and outside, a first in the history of extruded aluminium slat systems. By respecting the architecture of the exterior and the aesthetics of the interior, it adds a unique touch of personalisation to every space.


By combining this innovation with the traditional features of the newSolar range, such as light, air and privacy control, newSolar® BiColor offers a complete and versatile solution to meet every need. Thanks to its multiple configuration options, it can be used to create the perfect ambience in any room.


With adjustable slats and a wide range of colours, newSolar® BiColor offers maximum customisation, while maintaining exceptional performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. Its compact design and easy installation make it an ideal solution for any type of building, contributing to a more comfortable, energy-efficient indoor environment.

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