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The accessible tailor-made awning

Why BlindsUP store?

Whether it is to increase the thermal comfort of your interior, to hide from view or to bring a touch of design to your home, the awning offers multiple possibilities of implementation, both decorative and functional .

BlindsUP offers you a wide range of tailor-made blinds and personalized advice at home . As a partner, we support you throughout your project from advice to placement .

We work without intermediaries and all our tailor-made blinds leave directly from the factory to your home. We are thus able to offer you the best quality at the best prices on the interior blinds market.

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B lindsUP stores Brussels stands out as the specialist in tailor-made blinds by offering a variety of colors , fabrics and styles for the clothing of your windows so that your living space reflects your personality.

A wide choice to best meet your needs : American blinds, roller blinds, venetian blinds, slatted blinds, day / night blinds, Japanese panels , curtains and drapes .

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