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Panneaux japonais

Vertical Blinds

The vertical blind is ideal for equipping and decorating large window areas.

stores bateaux

The roman blind is available in various colours and fabrics.

Stores enrouleurs

ROLLER blinds

The roller blind is a must-have and is available in many fabrics and colours.

Stores vénitiens

WOODEN blinds

Made of aluminium or wood, they allow the light to be controlled thanks to their adjustable slats.

panneaux japonais

panels tracks

They are available in fabric, woven wood and can be operated by curtain throw, rope/motor.

store duo

twintex blinds

With their overlapping and alternating strips of fabric, they allow you to play with the light.

store velux

skylight blinds

These blackout blinds can be used to cover all your roof windows and provide total blackout.

Rideaux et Voilages installé par Blindsup

Their warm design creates a pleasant atmosphere and a touch of intimacy.

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