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Fencing is not only a means of ensuring your security and privacy, but above all it is the crowning achievement of your investment in building your home. We offer you complete, high-quality fencing - bays, doors and gates. All in a dozen original designs, refined down to the smallest detail.


Standard, Elegance and Prestige - we offer fencing in three styles that perfectly match your surroundings. What's more, fencing can be produced in any of our colour palettes. An added benefit is the ability to create an individual design to suit the terrain.


Regardless of the look and shape of the bays, all fences have one thing in common: solid construction. Our range includes hot-dip galvanised steel and aluminium fencing, which offers excellent protection against corrosion. The lead times for orders also remain unchanged. Our company guarantees the shortest lead times on the market!



Our knowledge and experience in fence manufacture means we can create a design that perfectly meets your needs. Spans, doors and gates can be fixed to steel or brick posts. Depending on your requirements, the fence can also be mounted on a foundation.


Once the door is equipped with an automated system and connected to the controls, it can become part of the "intelligent home". Motors, transmitters and control units are part of the "all in one control" product line.


Control means the freedom to operate not just the gate, but also roller shutters, doors, alarms and even lighting.


With the "all in one control" product range, you can be sure of total technological compatibility.


Safety and functionality are ensured by accessories that can be added to our fences. Gates can be fitted with a warning light or a motor that can be operated by remote control.

A letterbox or house number can be installed at a chosen point on the fence. We recommend that you fit the gate with an intercom. This will not only increase the security of communication with people behind the fence, but will also allow the gate to be opened without leaving the house.

Steel fencing

Steel as a raw material is very popular in construction. Its main advantages are its strength and durability. Thanks to these two qualities, as well as their versatility in blending in with the overall design of the home, steel fencing is winning more and more customers.

Steel fences are made from the highest quality materials. These fences are highly functional and ensure the security of your home. It will also become a decorative element throughout the house, as steel, thought to be heavy, will blend perfectly with wood and smooth plaster. Modern automatic mechanisms ensure smooth, silent operation.

Colours for steel fencing

Steel fencing is powder-coated in the colours of the RAL colour chart. Using the ral palette allows you to visualise the final effect even before you place your order.

The coating on the fence elements creates interesting structures that make them stand out in their environment.


Aluminium fencing

The primary function of any fence is to give your home a sense of security and privacy. But that's not all. The fence should be the finishing touch to the whole house. It must blend in with the property as a whole and be its decoration.


Aluminium is an excellent material for fencing. It is extremely light, but durable at the same time. What's more, its appearance is universal, so it blends in perfectly with the design of the whole house. Aluminium goes well with wood, plaster, steel and modern cladding.

Colours for aluminium fences

Aluminium fencing can be supplied in any RAL colour. This allows the fencing elements to be visually adapted to the aesthetics of the property.


Using the RAL colour chart is a guarantee that the effect achieved will meet the customer's expectations. Matt or textured colours are available, depending on the option chosen.

How do you plan a fencing project?

A fence must fulfil its role in the best possible way. Both appearance and functionality are important. Experience shows that only an individual approach to each project can ensure that these two features are combined.


Every element of the fence, even the smallest, needs to be planned. This means taking into account issues such as the presence of bins, electricity boxes, poles or trees on the property.

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