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Interior Doors Aluminium

Minimalist interior doors and partitions which, thanks to their clean lines, ensure a distinct appearance. Our interior solutions are minimalist, durable (they are 100% recyclable) and easy to maintain in order to keep the door in optimal condition.

Thanks to the great flexibility of the IDA system and the possibility of combining single, double and revolving doors and sliding doors with fixed partitions, you can determine the appearance of your interior yourself.

We will be happy to help you find a beautiful, customised door made of high-quality material that will also suit your interior style.


A unique interior with customised doors and partitions  

The fronts of the profiles are designed in relief to give an industrial look. The back of the doors has a smooth, flat profile. You can opt for real crossbars or glued small timbers. With the latter, you can choose large glass sections and choose the subdivision yourself by placing the profiles where you want them.

IDA profiel voorkant-blindsup

Swing doors

With our hinged doors, you can choose between single or double doors with an industrial look, with visible or invisible hinges.

Our single doors can be installed in any area of your home. Thanks to the brightness, you can create an airy effect for your different living spaces.

To complete your door, we offer a classic, modern or industrial door handle.


Modern and vintage sliding doors 

The modern look is elegant and discreet with an invisible wall mount. The industrial look has vintage sliding door hardware that gives a cool accent and is equipped with large wheels to roll smoothly and gracefully. Both are space saving as you don't have to worry about the angle of rotation.


Pivoting shutters

In addition to the aesthetics, the ease of use during installation is the big advantage. With the IDA revolving door, the rotation system is integrated in the bottom profile. This means that the floor must never be dug up, thus avoiding the risk of damaging the underfloor heating, for example. Ideal when renovating a house!

If desired, the doors can be rotated in both directions with a holding position of 0° and 90°.

You can choose between a floating pivot door or a framed door. An external frame offers thermal and acoustic improvement.


Vertical partition walls

Glass partitions provide an elegant separation in your home, office or restaurant. They provide a sound barrier and allow light to enter fully. You determine the arrangement of the profiles yourself.

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