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Projection blinds

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The projection blind is a tailor-made external blind designed to equip windows, balconies and store windows and protect you from the sun's rays. Also known as a marquee shade, the projection shade is easy to install and maintain.

Lightweight and compact (without box), the projection awning or awning can be placed on narrow facades that are difficult to access, where the awning would be too heavy. This custom-made awning is ideal for equipping balconies and storefronts. The projection blind or awning prevents UV rays from penetrating inside shop windows or the home, thus acting as a real thermal shield. It nevertheless retains maximum brightness in the room.

Marquise BlindsUP

The advantage: choose your inclination of the projection blind, with an angle of 90 ° or 160 °. The 160 ° angle allows you to cover almost all of your window.

A true decorative element, this exterior awning can be personalized according to your tastes: 75 models of plain or striped Teflon treated and waterproof fabrics are available in the range. Add a touch of elegance and originality with the removable valance which is always the same color as the one chosen for the awning fabric.


All canopies can be made with or without ruffles, whether straight or scalloped.

They are made to your dimensions in a wide variety of fabrics or RAL lacquers. You can add your texts and logos to it.

Indoor or outdoor lighting is also available on request.

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