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Sun blinds

Exterior screen blinds

The sun is a natural source of heat for homes and work environments. Everyone will agree that sunlight contributes to the well-being of everyone.

A dynamic and translucent solar shade on the outside of your home windows allows you to enjoy the benefits of the sun all year round, without obstructing your view to the outside.

In addition, when the external solar screen blinds are closed, you prevent annoying insects from entering your home. Screens are vertical sun protection in a compact, elegant and functional form.

Installed outdoors, screen fabrics offer you good transparency; thus the entry of light is always guaranteed while protecting you from excess sun and insects.

Des stores solaires ou Stores screen extérieurs de BlindsUp


Thanks to their guidance system. The external solar blinds for bay windows from BlindsUP with their guide system and the zipper principle guarantees resistance to wind speeds of up to 130 km/ h.

Thanks to this unique system, the solar blanket is always firmly fixed in the guide system. What's more, when the canvas blinds are closed, you keep annoying insects out of your home. Thanks to the different installation situations, external solar screen blinds are suitable for both new construction and renovation. The available dimensions are up to 6 m wide or 6 m high, with a maximum surface area of ​​22 m².


Are you looking to protect yourself from the sun while letting fresh air in in a controlled manner? In this case, the screen roller blind is the ideal solution, consisting of an acoustic ventilation grille allowing an air supply and a wind-resistant sun protection blind, all-in-one.

The solar blanket is able to resist the wind in any position. The system combines perfectly with canvas solar blinds and window ventilators, thus creating a completely homogeneous look & feel for your facade.


A skylight or a veranda lets in a lot of natural light inside, thus giving a pleasant feeling of warmth. However, when the sun is shining excessively, it is undesirable for it to overheat your rooms. Thus, sun protection is essential.

In this context, screens are a perfect solution for horizontal or inclined glazing. They allow you to manage incident daylight as well as excessive solar heat with just one push of a button!

Combinations with Velux modular skylights are also possible.

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