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Awnings blinds

Solar tents Brussels

For those who do not know, the awning is the ideal ecological solution to keep an outdoor environment cool where it is good to rest and enjoy the good weather. Thanks to its large canvas, your terrace, garden or even the front of your shop remain well protected from the sun.

The projection awning or solar tent is an extension of your interior and that is why special attention must be paid to quality, aesthetics and the perfect integration of it into your environment.


Our awnings are available in several standard RAL colors depending on the model but can be painted in RAL of your choice.

Thanks to the various existing collections (Solid, Orchestra, Classical and Waterproof acrylic), the solar tents meet all your requirements. From the simple reel to the complete box including the semi-cassette, with arm with double steel cables or with chain, with anti-storm arm, with or without lighting integrated in the box, and / or in the bar of load, every situation has its solution.

All our fabrics are rot-proof and treated against the encrustation of dust.

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