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Roman blinds

American blinds

The Brussels roman blinds, also known as the American blinds, is the benchmark blinds in Europe. It is differentiated by the great variety of mechanisms. Simple mechanism with a small automatic stop, endless chain mechanism of various colors or rope, larger mechanism for sizes up to 420cm wide by 600cm high, Somfy battery operated mechanism for small sizes (4 to 6m² ), motor with control by switch or remote control.

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It allows you to play with a wide variety of atmospheres. The particularity of the Brussels Roman blind is that it folds up on itself horizontally.


Its concealed lifting system allows optimal light control. Thanks to this system, you can easily adjust the interior brightness according to your wishes.

Its elegance and sobriety go perfectly with all the atmospheres and rooms of your interior. Roman blinds offer a perfect combination when paired with drapes .


Thanks to its fabric texture, the Roman blind keeps heat in all rooms.

Discover our BlindsUP selection now:

  • Opaque, semi-opaque or blackout Roman blind

  • Range of blinds in ecological fabric

  • Wide color palette

  • Custom blinds, large and small surfaces

  • 2 years warranty

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