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Roller blinds

The star of the moment

Let the light pass while preserving your privacy is one of the many advantages of the Brussels roller blind. Do you want to dress up or decorate your windows while keeping a source of natural light?
The solution is simple: install a roller blind. Roller blinds are by far the stars of the moment thanks to the many possibilities of current finishes.

The Brussels roller blind consists of a metal tube on which the canvas is rolled up. The mechanisms and supports are diverse, they are either plastic or metal and can be fitted with a cassette.

The different textures of fabrics allow you to meet your many desires. A veil will keep your privacy during the day, while maintaining visibility to the outside and the passage of light. In contrast, a blackout canvas will be more suitable for bedrooms. Different ballast profiles are available to adapt your awning to your interior.

Stores enrouleurs
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Nowadays, the stars of your windows are undoubtedly the roller blinds. Among the extended range of canvases, the screens certainly stand out. These fabrics have a very modern look and offer many advantages: they are washable and fire resistant. The screens also provide visual comfort by preventing you from being bothered by the light while maintaining the brightness of the room. These fabrics also have important insulating qualities allowing you to retain heat in winter and not let it in in summer.

Made entirely to your measurements, it will adapt to all your windows.



We all think that the Brussels roller blind only works with a chain. But we also suggest you to associate it with an electric control allowing you a certain comfort. All this discreetly, the motor being hidden in the winding tube.


Discover our BlindsUP selection now:

  • Opaque, semi-opaque or screen roller blind

  • Range of blinds in ecological fabric

  • Unlimited color choices

  • Custom-made blinds for small and large surfaces

  • 2 years warranty

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