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Wooden blinds

Modern and timeless

The Brussels venetian blind is a must-have to dress up your windows. It adapts to any interior and can quickly bring a touch of elegance that will adapt to all interior styles. Both modern and timeless, Brussels venetian blinds will allow you to play on the brightness and the view to the outside. The inclination of its slats, whose position is adjustable, allows you to benefit from both full light and total darkness, through all brightness levels .

Stores vénitiens
Stores vénitiens


The Brussels venetian blind is available in wood or aluminum and in all sizes.

A variety of colors and systems exist ranging from simple rope system with automatic stop, chain, endless rope, winch, between window, electric with cable or by remote control. In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The possibilities for automating Brussels venetian blinds are immense and the choice of simple or decorative ribbons is very wide.


Wooden Venetian blinds are popular. Opting for wooden Venetian blinds will allow you to perfectly insulate your windows. Wood helps keep heat inside in winter and keeps it out in summer. Of course, wood moves in the presence of heat and humidity, but its deformations accentuate its natural character and will give a unique touch to your blind.


Our vast collection will amaze you with the variety of colors and textures. The warmth of wood will adapt to all your interiors thanks to the diversity of our blinds.
Wooden venetian blinds are made of tropical wood slats in combination with a steel box. This will be masked by a wooden valance matching your slats.
The electric control of wooden blinds is not a luxury given the heavy weight of the slats. A very precise orientation of the slats is possible by opting for a remote control equipped with a wheel.


If you opt for horizontal wooden blinds, we offer you the possibility of choosing them in bamboo. It is the best choice for the environment because the wood used for the manufacture of your product is regenerated in 6 years. Any good plan if one of your purchasing criteria is the renewable nature of raw materials. In addition, bamboo slats are inexpensive.



Aluminum venetian blinds are both very modern and timeless.
The horizontal lines will give a clean look to your interior and will therefore be suitable for all styles of decoration. Aluminum venetian blinds consist of a steel box and aluminum slats. These materials guarantee a product with a long lifespan. The slats are available in different widths: 16mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. The larger the bay, the wider the slat will be.

We also offer the comfort of electric Venetian blinds. A remote control equipped with a wheel will allow you to orient your slats as you wish very easily.

Discover our BlindsUP selection now:

  • Bamboo venetian blind, linden

  • Aluminum venetian blind

  • Unlimited color choices

  • Custom blinds, large and small surfaces

  • 2 years warranty

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