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Make your home a well-protected cocoon!

Our shutters are designed to blend seamlessly into the architecture of your home, creating a perfect harmony between utility and aesthetics, while providing security, strength, energy savings, noise reduction and light control.


Each shutter comprises 30 to 40 parts, developed and patented in-house, each with its own importance.


The AXIS 50, a winding shaft specific to our shutters, is the centrepiece.

Volet roulant chambre

In summer, until

- 5°c

on your interior temperature

In winter, until

22 %

reduction on your heating bill

Volet-DECO-noir-sur-maison brique-blindsup


The "plus" of roller shutters

Safety and durability  

Thanks to the patented axis 50 platform, a soprofen-technology winding shaft: the standard automatic locks are made of extruded aluminium. They are designed to withstand lifts of 25 kg.

  • Protection for shutters that stand the test of time: the tamping locks (link between the shaft and the curtain) are fitted with felt to prevent scratches and marks on the slats.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

The roller shutter and the air gap that separates it from the window form a real thermal shield.

  • In summer, the closed shutter retains heat and lowers the inside temperature by more than 5°c: that's as much less air conditioning.

  • In winter, it saves you up to 22% on your heating bill.


Our products are tested, certified, traced and guaranteed: proof of our high standards of quality.

  • Up to 10 years guarantee*

Maximum lighting

To make the most of the benefits of light, external shutters are ultra-compact.

  • A box measuring just 13.5 cm for an opening 1.60 m high

  • (and 16.5 cm up to 2m40). And up to 3m wide!

Optimum shading

Because it's important to get a good night's sleep, our external shutters are designed to provide optimum blackout to enhance your well-being.

Custom made

To suit your project in terms of integration and aesthetics, our shutter ranges come in a variety of models, curtain options, colours and options.

Made to measure to meet your requirements, you can be sure of getting shutters that are perfectly suited to your needs.



A solution for everyone! Bright connection!

Economical and environmentally friendly, solar motorisation requires no mains power supply and no electrical wiring of the control points.

With damage-free installation and the very latest technology, this low-energy motor uses only the energy that is strictly necessary. So ecology and economy go hand in hand.


Solar motorisation, a gentle solution... 

  • Work-free installation (wireless system)

  • Discreet, high-performance solar panel

  • Up to 45 days autonomy

  • Battery integrated into the box without loss of roll-up with easy access

  • Quiet, secure motorisation

  • Operates anywhere, in any weather, from -20°C to +70°C


Customisation to suit all tastes...

Create your own design!

Choose the colour of your shutter and box/rails for a unique shutter that reflects your image. Insert range of colours (shutters & boxes)

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